What is Data entry | what is data entry operator- Typing Bazaar

What is Data entry | what is data entry operator- Typing Bazaar
  • 10 May, 2021
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What is Data Entry?

The meaning of Data entry can’t be defined in a single definition. There are different types of data entry so its meanings also vary. However, some of the most known meaning and definitions of data entry are below –

Data entry is a process to put data and information into a computer using an input device such as a scanner, disk, voice, or keyboard. However, most of the time data entry is considered as putting text or number data in documents or spreadsheets.


Another definition of data entry is a kind of job where the data entry employee has to put data into a computer from forms or any other kind of non-electronic hard copy forms or sometimes just a paper document of data. This kind of data entry type is most famous online as it requires the employee to put data into an online database.

What is a data entry operator?

 A data entry operator is someone who works with data and operates all kinds of data and information-related tasks.

The main responsibilities of a data entry operator are –

·       To enter customer and account data from source documents within a time limit.

·       Formatting data to remove errors, correcting incompatibilities, etc.

·       Verifying accuracy and compiling the source data.


Data entry is both a skill and a job profile so it requires several other types of skills also. Now the requirement of data entry skills varies from company to company and position to position.


Data entry skills

The data entry skills depend on the job profile and level of a job also. For entry-level data entry jobs, basic skills are enough while for the industry-specific jobs you need to have high command and competence in all the advanced skills.

Here are the most important data entry skills and qualifications –


Typing speed

To get any data entry job you need to have basic skills such as your typing speed. You have to be capable to type at least 50-80 words per minute. However, in some entry-level gigs and jobs, even the 30-50 words per minute of typing speed is enough. You can increase it with experience and practice later on.

For some advanced level industry jobs depending on the type of job, you may require more than 80 WPM of typing speed.


Accuracy of typing

As a data entry, the typing speed is not enough even at the entry level. The data or information you are typing needs to be error-free and easy to understand.


Technical knowledge for data entry

The candidate needs to have basic software knowledge for entry-level gigs and jobs. These are the most important software such as word processing and spreadsheet software. Apart from this, the candidate needs to have knowledge of computers and other hardware such as scanners, calculators, copiers, etc.

For an advanced-level job, the candidate is required to have industry-based software knowledge and database software skills. However, these software trainings are mostly provided by the company or employer so the candidate can learn them once they have experience with basic software.


Grammatical skills

Apart from the typing speed and accuracy, the candidate must have language knowledge as well. Grammar skills are necessary for a data entry operator. Grammar and language skills such as punctuation skills and strong reading and hearing skills are crucial to have a better career in the data entry field. 


Academic qualification

Some high and advanced level industry data entry job profiles require the candidate to have a specific academic qualification. Some companies require the aspirant to have a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree for the data entry job.


Data entry salaries

The earning potential for a data entry job varies from industry to industry and from one job role to another. Data entry earning potential for online jobs and individual gigs can start from $5 per hour to $25 depending on the skill set.

As per the regular data entry job then the pay scale can be from 1.8 to 3 lack INR per annum. However, it can be increased and varies from industry to industry.


Data entry jobs types

 There are different types of data entry jobs. Mainly these jobs are divided into two parts – online data entry jobs and offline data entry jobs.

However, data entry jobs mostly depend on the skill set of the candidate. So these jobs can be done both online and offline. Here are different types of data entry jobs –


General data entry job

General data entry jobs don’t require much experience and only 30-40 WPM of typing speed is enough for these jobs. These are –

·       Fills spreadsheet cells with data that is simple and easy to read.

·       Find and correct incorrect data from databases and tables.

·       Typing text in MS word document file. This requires both good typing speed and language skills.

·       Creating reports, mailing labels, letters, etc., and working with various kinds of databases.


Image to text

As the name suggests in this job the employer provides you with images with text and you have to type that text in a word document according to the instructions of the employer.


Audio to text

Like the image to text in this type of job, you have to type what you hear in the audio. This is called transcript also. For this type of job, you need to have strong hearing skills.


Formatting and editing

In this data entry job, you have to format and edit an entire document or sometimes just rewrite the given text. Here a good knowledge of that language is required.

In some other cases, you have to format a long paragraph that includes different types of information such as email ID, address, name, phone, etc.


Data formatting

In data formatting jobs you have to format the already typed and filled data to improve its accuracy and understanding.


 Where to get online data entry jobs?

These are some most trusted and famous job sites where you can find various kinds of data entry jobs. You can find all types of data entry jobs here, from entry-level to advance industry-specific jobs –

·       Fiverr

·       Freelancer

·       Linkedin

·       Flexjobs

·       Scribie

·       Transcibeme

·       REV

·       Go Transcript

·       Smart crowd

·       Upwork

·       FFT Transcription

·       Indeed

·       Naukari.com

·       Megatypers

·       Clickworker

·       Speakwrite



 To become a data entry operator and earn a significant amount of salary and earnings you must have a high level of typing skills, language skills, and accuracy in your work.

There are different industries that often require data entry operators such as Medical, Law, Financial, Movie industry, etc. so take the help of online job boards to get better opportunities as data entry jobs.





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