How to Check your Typing speed | how to test your typing speed & Accuracy

  • 01 Nov, 2021

In today's digital age, the computer has become an important part of our life, in such a situation, we have to do a lot of our important work on computer or laptop only.

When we have to do a lot of our important work on a computer or laptop, then an essential skill that can greatly increase our productivity is the skill of typing.

  So in today's article, we will know that how we can test our typing speed, what is the best way to test our typing speed.

Best Platform to Test Typing Speed

Today there are hundreds of websites on which you can test your typing speed and accuracy.

You will get to see something new on every website, but one of the websites on which you will get all the information about your typing speed at once is Typing Bazaar.

Test your Typing Speed Now

Typing test on Typing Bazaar shows the following metrics of your Typing-

Typing Speed

Typing speed tells you the speed with which you type.

Typing speed is indicated or expressed at the rate of words per minute (WPM).

Like 30 WPM means your typing speed is 30 wpm, Likewise, 110 WPM means your typing speed is 110 wpm.

By looking at your typing speed, you can only know about the overall typing speed, it is also important to know the accuracy of typing and other important aspects.

But generally typing speed gives you information about your typing skills.

typing level

Gross WPM


Net wpm




one major advantage of typing bazaar is that it highlights the error instantly, so that you can correct it

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