DEST full form | Process of DEST | Rules of DEST - Typing Bazaar

DEST full form | Process of DEST | Rules of DEST - Typing Bazaar
  • 10 May, 2021
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Full form of DEST

 The full form of DEST is the Data entry Skill test or Data entry speed test which as the name suggests is a skill test in competitive exams to test the typing and data entry skills of the candidate.

DEST or the data entry skill test is mainly taken in the SSC CGL (Staff selection commission combined graduate level) civil service examination as the Tier-IV section.

In this examination, candidates are selected based on their typing speed and data entry skills that means how fast and accurate they work with the data.


To qualify for the data entry skill test the candidate is required to type 2000 strokes which are 400 words in 15 minutes. Thus this data entry skill test requires nearly 27 wpm speed of typing.

There can be only a 7% error in this data entry skill test to qualify. If the candidate has more than 7% errors they cannot be qualified for the data entry skill test.


About DEST

 The data entry skill test is required for the posts of data entry operator, transcripts, Lower division clerk, etc.

In SSC CGL the data entry skill test is taken by the candidates who were selected after the SSC CGL Tier-2 examination for the post of Tax Assistant.

The staff selection commission (SSC) conducts the combined graduate level examination (CGL) and the combined higher secondary examination (CHSL) every year.

In this examination process, there are four stages of examinations that the candidate has to pass to be selected for a particular post.


 Process of DEST

 This is the process of the data entry test that the staff selection commission conducts –

  • The examiners check the ID of the candidates.
  • Candidates take biometric attendance.
  • Candidates get a slip that they have to stick to their shoulders.
  • Then candidates are taken to the computer room.
  • Examiner provides instructions on the Dos and DON’Ts.
  • To let the candidates adjust to the system and keyboard provided by the commission for their data entry skill test the examiners provide a 5-minute test passage to candidates.

The candidates are given a printed passage of 1750 key depressions for typing test to be typed in 10 minutes. For the DEST or data entry skill test the candidates have to type 2000 -2200 key depressions in 15 minutes.

After the restricted total time such as 10 minutes of typing test and 15 minutes of DEST, the system computers stop working automatically.

Then the candidate has to press the save and print button as the final step of their DEST.


Rules of DEST

 These are some rules for the data entry skill test that the candidate has to follow –

No candidate can bring their own keyboard.

Candidates for DEST need to bring their required documents.

The candidates have to write a paragraph of about 50-60 words from the data entry passage given in their own handwriting.

The candidate can use ARROW KEYS, MOUSE, and BACKSPACE, etc. to correct their mistakes anytime in the test.

If there is a space at the beginning of the passage then use the TAB key once. In case there is no space at the start of the para don’t use the TAB key.

Press the ENTER key after para finishes and TAB key if the next para begins with space but if the next part doesn’t start with a space hen don’t use the TAB key.

Don’t use the ENTER key after each line.

After each comma, semicolon, question mark, full stop, or exclamation sign just one space needs to be given.

At the start of the bracket and the after the bracket gives one space.

Before or after the hyphen no space is given.


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