Best Typing jobs online in 2022- Typing bazaar

Best Typing jobs online in 2022- Typing bazaar
  • 10 May, 2021
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If you are looking for the best typing jobs online then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of typing jobs available in the market and where you can find them.

Due to COVID-19, more than 12 crore people have lost their jobs. In this case, the trend and need for online earning and online jobs have been increased drastically. When we think about online jobs then typing jobs is the most first one that comes to our mind. It is because typing jobs are the easiest to start and if you are familiar with computers then it is not going to be hard compared to other online jobs.

That is why anyone who is first time thinking about earning online also thinks about beginning with the typing job. The only thing these jobs need is high internet speed and high typing skills. Hence you can start them with no prior investments. So first let’s know the different types of typing jobs that you can expect.

Best typing jobs online :

There are three types of typing jobs that you can find online, these are –

·       Data Entry typing jobs

·       Writing jobs

·       Other typing jobs


Let’s understand these in detail –

Data entry typing job


Data entry typing jobs are where you have to fill in given data or information from one form of data. In data entry jobs you don’t have to create that data yourself but you will be provided with it. There are different types of data entry jobs. This can be filling data in a spreadsheet such as –

Catalog data or payroll data

In this type of data entry, you have to fill the data of employee salary and other company data in an excel spreadsheet. In some other cases, you have to fill in product data such as product ID, name, price, etc.

These types of data entry jobs can be found on Flexjobs, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Linkedin, and some Facebook groups, etc.


 Copying image data into the text in a word software

In these types of typing and data entry jobs, the employer gives you images of text that can be for an eBook or report and you have to type that in a word document according to the instructions of the employer.

Or in some other cases, an employer can give you research reports and you have to type them in a word document. You can find these types of jobs on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Flexjobs easily. 


Filling forms and surveys

Research companies provide jobs to fill forms and surveys. These companies use surveys and form data to analyze current trends in the market. In this job, you have to collect data such as questionnaires or analyzing already given data systematically. You have to use this data to come to an output.

In the form filling employers provide empty forms. You have to fill these forms carefully with given fields such as name, contact number, registered email ID, etc. the best websites to find these types of jobs are Survey Monkey and SurveyJury, etc.

Writing jobs

Writing jobs are not as easy as other data entry and typing jobs.

These jobs not only require your typing skills but they are mostly focused on your intellect also. So if you are someone who can create text content also along with having good typing skills then these jobs are for you.

There are several types of writing jobs available online. You can work as a freelance writer. Writing jobs require a good understanding of language and grammar skills too.  These are various types of writing jobs -


Writing blogs for companies and brands or even individual authors is now a proven online earning job.

As a blogger, you need to have some research skills and basic language skills. You can have your own blog to showcase your work as a blogger. You can find blogging jobs on websites like – Fiverr, Indeed, Contena, Problogger, etc.



A copywriter creates written content that makes the reader take an action such as sign up for an account, buy a product, etc.

copywriting also includes social media writing for brand awareness and advertisement.

Now for these types of jobs, you need to have great intellect and knowledge of the field. You can find copywriting jobs on Fiverr, Simplyhired, Peopleperhour, etc.



Editor jobs also required fast typing skills as editors have a lot of deadlines to meet.

Editors improve the already written content so sometimes they have to change a whole section of that content.

So above-average typing skills can help you get better and more work done. However, editor jobs require other language and grammar skills too.



Transcribers type content based on audio or video. These can be podcast transcripts or legal transcripts. There are mainly four types of transcriptionists –

1.     Financial transcriptionists

2.     Medical transcriptionists

3.     Legal transcriptionists

4.     General transcriptionists


Transcript jobs require a high level of hearing and typing skills. You can find these jobs on websites like – 3Play Media, GMR Transcription, Scribe, Go Transcripts, TranscibeMe, Transcription Hub, Upwork, etc.

Language transcript

Language transcripts are also called translators. The main job of language transcripts is to translate content from one language to another. That is why this job requires knowledge and a good understanding of two languages. There are mainly three types of translators –

Technical translators who work on scientific or technological content like user guides etc.

The literary translator who works on literary content such as essays, books, poems, etc.

Advertising translators who translate marketing content such as advertising copy.

 You can find transcripts jobs on websites like – freelancer, GMR Transcription, Keywords studio, Flexjobs, Cactus Communications, etc.

Other typing jobs

 Apart from data entry and writing, there are other types of typing online jobs that require a good level of typing skills. These are –

 Chatbot assistant

 Today every company uses chatbots or live chat assistants.

Sometimes these are automated and AI-based bots but not all brands or websites can use these bots due to a lack of human touch and intellect.

That is why they hire chat assistants who have excellent typing skills. This job requires typing skills as the assistant needs to answer multiple users' queries every day in real-time.

Apart from typing skills you need to have knowledge of that company also to work as a chat assistant. You can find these jobs on LiveChat, Remote. co,, Misfits Market, The Chat Shop, Upwork, Fiverr, Flextjobs, etc.


Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants work on small tasks for a company or individual. These tasks can be – data entry, writing blog posts, social media management, administrative work, etc. You can find these jobs on Boldly, My BTLR, Upwork, Fancy Hands, and Virtual Vocations, etc.


Captcha filling

If you have good typing skills then captcha filling jobs are beginner-friendly jobs. You can find these small jobs on websites like 2Captcha, Mega Typers, etc.


 How much you can earn from online typing jobs

Earing from online typing jobs depends on –

·       The type of jobs you are doing

·       How many hours you are giving to that job

·       And your skill and knowledge level


Data entry jobs are beginner-friendly jobs so you can earn from $1 to $25 per hour in these jobs from the start.

Other kinds of typing jobs like chatbot assistant and virtual assistant are high-paying jobs so you can expect earning from $5 to $40 depending on the brand and company you are working for.

On the other handwriting jobs are the highest paying typing jobs that require other skills also. So you can earn from $10 per hour to $10000 per month easily in this field in the beginning.



The biggest benefit of online typing jobs is that you can start them immediately and they are easy to work. However, to make a full-time career in this field you need to have patience and higher skills which includes not only the high typing skill but other skills also.

Since these are the easiest to start so there is a lot of competition in typing jobs. Therefore keep improving your skills to find better opportunities in online typing jobs.

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