About Us

Typing Bazaar.com was founded in 2020 by Er Ajay Kumar with a Vision to "Make the people more productive". In today's computer and internet age, most of our work is done with the help of computers and if people know how to type, then their work will be done in a very short time and quickly.

But even today, people find it to be a very difficult task to learn typing, that is why in view of all these problems, typing Bazaar.com has been planned in such a way that anyone can easily learn typing.

Anyone from 7 years old to 60 years old can easily learn typing at home with the help of typing bazaar.com.

Here in the classroom section you are taught typing through interactive video lectures. In the practice section, you will be able to practice class wise. By giving typing test you will be able to know your typing speed and accuracy.

A variety of typing games are provided, by playing which you will be able to easily take your typing speed above 60 plus words per minute.


Typing Bazaar.com Aspires to become a globally recognized platform for typing. Everyone should be able to learn typing easily and type like professionals so that people become more productive.


Now everyone will be able to type like a professional and will be able to type with good typing speed as well as high accuracy.